I Want To Write You Like I Mean It [Part II/V]

I Want To Write You Like I Mean It, And Read You When I’m Older So That I Can Get That Sense Of Nostalgia Back.

Equipped With The Fresh Smell Of Youth And All The Promise That The Future Held.

Winter Came With Snow Angels, Ice Skating, Fireplaces, And The Security Of Our Union, As Audible As The Words On Our Tongues And As Visible As The Breath From Out Mouths.

Spring Came With Growing Grass, Warmer Weather, Blooming Flowers, And The Progression Of A Bond More In Tact Then Than At Any Point During Our Wildest Dreams.

Summer Came With Long Days & Longer Nights, Music Blasting Throughout The Speakers Of A City, Heatwaves & Fire Hydrants, And The Connection Of Two Forces Put Together To Create Unforgettable Energy. Much Hotter Than The Summer That We Lived Through.

Autumn Came With The Changing Of The Leaves, The Fresh Smell Of Coffee Brewing, The Unmistakable Fashion, And The Constant Of A Love Tested By Forces Greater Than Nature With An Appreciation For Poetry And The Rhythm We Continue To Generate With Our Words.

[Part. I]

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