I Want To Write You Like I Mean It [Part I/V]

I Want To Write You Like I Mean It, So I Can Ill Afford To Get A Mental Block When I Think To Paint You.

I Know It Won’t Be Hard To Conjure Up The Colors, Knowing That With You, It’ll Be Nothing Less Than Vivid.

With Ease, I’ll Brush My Easel Against Life’s Canvas And Watch As It Fills Up With The Most Colorful Words Known To Man.

A Mosaic Of Young Love Filled In By Capsules Of Time Spent Figuring Out How To Complete One Another.

It Was A Simple Game Of Risk And Reward, With None Of The Formalities Of Love To Hold Us Back.

Held Up Only By The Foundation Of Something Bigger Than Us, Binding Your Words Unto Mine Until We Became Each Other’s Sentences.

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