As The Sun Rose On A Gloomy Sunday Morning, Her Voice Echoed From Pillar  To Post And Throughout The Halls Of Our Emotional Foundation./She Lives In The Tears We Have Summoned That Rise To Create A Well Of Immortality And Queendom. Her  Soul Now Rests In The Ever-After With So Many Others That Have Left Us,  Creating An Imperfect Balance Of Talent Between Mother Earth &  Father Sun.It Is Our Job As The Living, Breathing, And Grieving To Make Sure We Keep The Legacies Of These Icons Alive Forever. The  Further We Move Forward, The More Important It Is To Continue To Reach  Back And Harness The Energy Of Our Timeless Leaders, Making Sure That The  Eternal Flame Burns As Brightly As It Always Had.Mother Queen, I  Hope The After-Life Treats You Kind. 
And I Hope You (Finally) Have All  You Dreamed Of. 
And I Wish You Joy & Happiness. 
But Above All Of This I  Wish You Whatever Love Has Eluded You During Your Time With Us.I Will Love You With Every Fiber Of My Everything, Always…
"Great Legends Are Usually People Who Die Young, Because They Didn’t Live Long Enough To Spoil Their Image" - Ed Limato 
I’ve Been Asked Since 2006 What It Is About Marilyn Monroe I Love So Much, And I’ve Always Skirted Around The Question For Two Reasons.
The First Reason Was That Trying To Find One “It” About Her That I Like The Most Would Be Equivalent To Trying To Find Her ‘Best’ Picture. Mostly, It Depends On The Individual, Thus, It’s All Up To Interpretation.
The Second Reason Was That Honestly, I Didn’t Really Know What It Was That Attracted Me To Her. Subconsciously, I’ve Always Had An Affinity For Her But I Never Really Knew Why That Was.
Over The Years As I’ve Learned Some Of The More Nuanced Parts Of Her Life And Avoided The More ‘Obvious’ Points, I’ve Learned That She, Like Many Who Are Easily Misunderstood, Was An Enigma. More So Than That Though, She Was An Enigma That Everyone Had Already Thought They Figured Out, And When You’re In The Public Eye For As Long And As Frequently As She Was, It’s Easy To Assume That.
I Know Of Plenty Of People Who Are Quick To Label Her A “Ho”, Saying That She Got To Where She Got By Fucking A Whole Bunch Of People, Which They Felt Gave Them The Right To Call Her Lewd And Solicitous; And While The Sex Part May Not Be Entirely False (Who Really Knows?) What ‘Hoes’ Do You Know Read James Joyce And Are Well Versed In The Intricacies Of Nuclear Bombs And Differing Political Ideologies?
I Figured…

The Fact That She Was More Than What People Gave Her Credit For Meant That There Was So Much About Her That Other People Weren’t Willing To Explore And Examine.
It’s Those Characteristics That Are The Most Fascinating And The Ones I Feel I Resonate With. And It Was Those Characteristics That Made The Marilyn Everyone Thought They Knew Shine So Brightly.

From 2006-2011 I’ve Subconsciously & Consciously Tried To Piece Together The Puzzle That She Is, While Trying To Stay Away From The Conventional Stereotypes About Her.
I’ve Never Wanted To Go Out Of My Way To Learn Everything About Her, Instead I Opted To Take In The Bits And Pieces That I Do Connect With And Balance Them Out With My Own Experiences.
Western Culture Has Given Us This Ability To Place Celebrities So High On A Pedestal That We Tend To Forget That They Have The Same Basic Human Emotions And Functions That We All Possess.
That Unfortunate Ability Is What Makes Us Believe That Celebrities Are Untouchable And That To Be One, Must Mean That Person Is Somehow Invincible.
But Not Everyone Can Be Superman.
In Life, I Feel As Though The People We Love The Most Are The People We Can Relate To The Best, And While I Can’t Pretend To Relate To The Figure Who Has Been Placed On That Pedestal By So Many Millions Throughout The Years, I Can Relate To The Person Underneath That Mask With The Same Doubts, Insecurities, And Pain That I, And So Many Other People Possess.
It Is That Person I See When I Hear Her Songs.
It Is That Person I See When I Watch Her Movies.
It Is That Person I See When I Look At Her Photos.
The Person Trying To Find Her Way In The Midst Of Being The Person Everyone Else Had Created.
I’ve Never Really Addressed This Question Directly, And I’m Still Not Sure If I’ve Explained Completely What It Is That Draws Me To Her, But I Felt It Necessary To Say Something Even When It Seems That Idolizing Marilyn Monroe Has Become A Cliche To This Point.
There’s Most Certainly A Magnetism About Her That Draws People In, Both Positively And Negatively, And That Can’t Be Disputed.
Whether You Love Her, Hate Her, Or Feel Indifferently About Her, You Can’t Deny Her. 
It Is That Universal Power That Will Keep Her In The Hearts And On The Minds Of So Many Forever.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn.
-May 19th, 2011-
I Sat In The Pews; Watching.
Captivated By Her Tongue And The Way Her Words Left Me In A State Of Euphoric Imagination.     She Spoke Of Heartbreak In A Way That Sounded Familiar, Captivating Me With Sounds, Tones, And Rhythms So Melodic, I Felt The Sweat Running Down My Temple, Dropping Into A Pool Of Admiration.
I Listened. I Learned. I Loved.
From Rows And Rows Back.
Between Us Lie All Kinds Of Sin, Triumph, And Tragedy. The Kinds Of Experiences That Made Life Worth Living.
She Was A Vixen, Yet She Wouldn’t Admit It. Her Humility Wouldn’t Allow Her To Be Vain, And Any Ounce Of Selfishness Shined Through Her Pores, And Made Her Cheeks Rosy, Like Pretend Lipstick On A Porcelain Doll.
I Was In Awe Of Her, Intimidated By Her Serenity, And Indebted To Everything She Unknowingly Taught Me.     She Was The Answer To All The Questions I Had Always Brought Up Concerning My Past.
Nothing Was More Important Than The Moment. The Absolute Feeling Of Our Meshed Aura’s, Recreating Balance And Redefining Divinity.     She Was Angelic In The Way I Had Always Envisioned.
No Wings.
No Halo.
Just The Power To Magnetize Me In Her Everything.
The Power Of Womanhood Realized.
I Sat In The Pews; Seen.
My Letter To A Queen
“I Am A Singer…I Am A Poet…I Am A Lady” - Jill Scott
You Seem To Strike The Right Chords, While Striking The Right Notes, With Certainty In Your Voice, Displaying Unmistakable Poise. 
Your Gift: Poetically Expressing The Lives Of The Feminine Down To Every Exposed Detail. Is It The Way You Sing That Draws Me In And Makes Me Want To Take Long Walks To Further Connect With What You Leave Us With? 
You Are The Prime Example Of Why Thin Is Not Always In And How Eyes Can Tell So Much Of The Story. 
A Story Where The Lives Lived Are Not Always Golden, But The Flaws We Do Posses Aren’t Held Against Us, Showing Us That When We Accept The ALL In Us, We Become Beautifully Human. 
You Exude Confidence Through You Language, Whether It Be Physical, Oral, Or Mental, Further Reminding Us Of The Gem That You Truly Are. 
You Got Me Daydreamin’ About What It Means To Truly Know Myself, Because Often Times We Seem To Be Getting in the Way Of Our Own Feelings. 
Yet, Even With These Personal Blemishes We All Share, You Still Help To Put Us In Moods That Even Astrologists Can’t Explain. 
365 Days Of Your Voice, Of Your Queendom, Of Your Love Raining Down On Us With No Umbrella For Protection, And No Real Urgency To Want To Gain Shelter. 
No, I Am Not Afraid To Tell You How I Feel, Even With The Cold Chills Of The Fall And Winter You Still Manage To Give Me That Spring Summer Feeling. 
The Warmth That Allows My Body To Wrap Around Your Words With The Comfort And Security That Only You Posses. 
And While I Know That You Are Not Perfect In Your Own Right, You Never Hide That Truth From Us Either. There Are No Masks For You To Wear. There Are No Fronts For You To Put Up. No Facades To Act Upon.
 You See, The Fact Is (I Need You); We Need You, As A Whole. To BE Whole. 
You Help Us To Live, To Love, And To Learn. 
Because You Know The Hurt. You Document The Hurt, You Speak The Hurt, And We Feel That Hurt, In A Way That Reminds Us Of Our Own Pain, But It Also Gives Us The Strength To Learn Not To Run From It Either. 
You Never Hesitate To Show Us That Hurt. 
Your Melody Is As Bittersweet And As Lemon/Lime A As Relationship Is. 
Your Presence Is Felt Through Every Note, Through Every Key, & Every Emotion, Constantly Transforming Into Heart Pumping Words and Sounds. 
You Have Given Us You. 
The Lady. The Poet. The Singer. The Queen. 
And That’s All We Can Ever Ask Of Anyone. 
No Longer Will Anyone Ever Pose The Question: Who Is Jill Scott?
Baby, What’s Up?
Do We Need To Talk?
I Realize It’s Hard To Get Through To You What With Rehab And All, But I Can Sense Your Frustration.
I Hear You Lost The Linda Lovelace Movie.
That’s Unfortunate.
What’s Also Unfortunate Is The Fact That After, At This Point, Years Of Rehab, You’re Still Not Where You Need To Be Mentally (And Physically For That Matter) And As Someone Who Cares, It Concerns Me.
I Understand How Captivating Drugs Are (Trust Me, I Understand).
And I Also Understand How Appealing The Feeling Love Is And Was For You And Sam.
But I Also Understand, And This Is A Fundamental Commandment Lindsey, That Durgs And Love DO NOT Mix.
It’s Just A Given. 
Because The Minute You Find Yourself Getting Too Much Of One Of Those Two Things, The Minute The You Find Yourself Getting Too Much Of Both Of Those Things, And That Doesn’t Bode Well For Everything Else In Your Life. (As Evidenced By Everything Else In Your Life)
We’re Cancers, So I Get The Need For Constant Love And Attention, But You Can’t Mix Two Substances Of Such High Potency, It Never Bodes Well Sweety.
I Remember The Parent Trap, And It Will Always Have Fond Memories In My Heart.
And I’m Sure The Innocence Of Such A Time Is Something That You Would Like To Have Back.
But It Starts With You.
You Have To Want It. 
I Don’t Know If You’re Purposely Trying To Live The Life Of A Throwback Hollywood Actress, But If You Truly Want To Get Better You Have To WANT To Get Better.
It’s There For You Doll, You Just Have To Take It.
You’re Only 24, You Still Have A Whole Chunk Of Life Ahead Of You.
You’re Like A Freight Train Speeding Through Life That Has Yet To Learn To Slow Down.
You Absolutely Have To Learn To Slow Down.
Because, At The Speed You’re Going, There May Not Be The Light At The End Of The Tunnel For You.
Dearest Amy,
We Need You.
Please Come Back. 
We Miss You Immensely.
The Past Couple Of Years Have Been Crazy As Far As Comebacks Go.
You Probably Know Kanye Came Back After A Year Off And He’s Tearing The Roof Off Of The Music Industry (Again).
Whitney Has Come Back, No Drugs. 
Kate & Corinne Have Comeback From Touring And Tragedy, Respectively.
Even MC Hammer Is Trying To Make A Comeback (Except He’s Only Making A Fool Of Himself).
Adele’s New Album Is Coming, I Don’t Know If You’ve Heard.
I Know You Dropped A Song A Couple Days Ago. That’s Cool, But We Can’t Have You Pulling A Dr. Dre.
No ‘1 Song Every 3 Years’ Type Deal. Uh-Uh, We Won’t Allow It.
We Get It, Cocaine’s A Hell Of A Drug, And Supposedly, You’re Off The Drugs Now.
We’ll See.
All I Know Is, We Miss You.
We Love You Even Though You’re Off Your Knocker.
We All Have A Little Bit Of Amy Winehouse In Us,
Which Is Why We’re Willing To Forgive All The Crazy Shit.
Your Talent Is Otherworldly, And That Voice Is Heaven Sent.
I Don’t Want To Sound Greedy, But We Kind Of Need That Talent.
It Will Help All Of Us.
I Can Only Imagine The Stories You’re Ready To Tell.
Trust Me, We’re Ready To Hear Them.
We All Love The Comeback Kid,
And As Each Day Goes By
The Need To Feel You Again Grows.
So, I Just Wanted To Write You This To Let You Know Where We Stand.
We Miss You.
We Love You.
Comeback To Us.
Remember The Old Days?
Remember When I Used To Just Lay There Just Listening To You Sing?
Something I Could Do For Days On End.
You Approached Me Many Times Before, But I Managed To Let You Slip Through The Cracks A Couple Of Times.
You Were Persistent Though, And I’m Thankful For That, Because Once We Connected, There Was No Looking Back.
I Love You For 2006 And Keeping My Mind Off Of…..Her.
You Made Me Feel Like I Had Potential Again; Like A Star.