What Happens When The Two Of Us Become Entrenched In Our Own World?

Eyebrows Become Roads,

Fingers Become Compasses,

Bodies Become Maps:

And We Travel,

               We Travel,

                     We Travel,

                             We Travel. Traversing Each Other | Around The World In 80 Days | Racking Up Guinness Records | Discovering New Territories.

All The While Collecting Checks On More Sleepless Nights As The Life Outside Of Our Personal Gaia Moves On Without Us.

They Like To Tell Us That There Is More Honesty At The End Of A Bottle Than There Is In Our Eyes, But I Know A Lie When I Drink It And I Know That You Know That I Know Commitment Is Best Injected Under Sober Pretenses: So We Know It’s Real And Such..

Sensory Expressions Are Visceral And Everything New Is Beautiful.

Our Union Is The First Time A Baby Sees Its Mother | The Game Winning Hit In The Little League Game | The Bass In Your Veins At The Concert You Snuck Out Of Your House And Defied Your Parents To Go See | That Red Cup Of Maturity At The Frat Party | Putting The Down Payment On That First Place You Saw With The Exceptional Lighting…

All Memorable For Being The Memories We Generated Through Pure Adoration…Lost In The Sea Of Self…We Swim Against The Current…With Such Daring Flare…Taunting Galaxies Though Without The Intent To Harm…Floating Through The Debris Of Hate, War, Famine, And Ignorance…Yet Still Our Bubble Won’t Pop.

This Isn’t Universal. This Is Intimacy In Its Purest, Powdery Form. This Is Pre Lust And Post Sex In All Its Secular Matrimony.

This Is The Sankofication Of Love: We’ve Always Had It…Now We’re On Our Way Back Home.

Paint In An Angry Room Color #7

Where Do We Find The Balance

Between Protecting Ourselves

x Wearing Our Hearts On Our Sleeves?

I Admit I’m A Mess

And Though I Know Admittance Is The First Step,

For The Life Of Me

I Can’t Seem To Get This Right Leg

Out Of The Quicksand.

The Only Constant Is This Need To Paint You In My Angry Room

And Shed The Skin That’s Been Weighing Me Down Far/For

Too Long.

The Universe Projects A Gaudy Confidence.

Telling Us That We’re Going To Rejoin It’s Vastness

But Not Telling Us When,

Forcing Us To Make A Choice Very Early

In This Game Of Life:

Do You Trust Yourself Enough To Live Through The Uncertainty


Will You Let Doubt Cloud Your Person Until You’re A Person

No More?

You Be The Judge.

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Scratches. i

I See Your Face In Pockets Of Nostalgia.

I Hear Your Voice Hollowed Amongst The Subway Tunnels.

I See Your Body Outlined In Stars Putting On The Performance Of A Lifetime Every Moment I Look Up.

Each Glimmer Is A Dance.

Each Pattern Is A Trance.

And Each Fading Light Is A Chance To Remember That Forever Is Just A Tease.

Silent Vows II

Queen Of Sorrow

Lend Me Your Hand

So That I Can Turn Callouses Into Kisses

And Your Fingertips Into A Compass:

So That I Never Lose Track.

Let The Trees Hear Your Voice

In The Hopes That The Melodies You Chant Never Go Unnoticed

By The Morning Birds Who May Have Lost Their Courage.

Let Your Shoulders Rise

And Your Burdens Fall

Into My Palms

Like A Hammock,

Letting Them Go Slowly And Surely.

And Let The Tears You Shed For Everyone Remind Us

That You’ve Been Here Before

And That You Deserve More

Than The Monotony Of Just Another Day.


An Intimate Haiku About…

Chocolate SkinTones
Protecting Its Own Sweetness.
Chocolate SkinTones.


She Spoke In Black Tongues

With French Kisses Traced In Guilt;

Knowing She’d Been Caught.